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What is a Ghost Spirit Orb

The short answer is that a ghost spirit orb is a manifestation of a ghost or deceased person in the form of a ball of energy. Some ghosts and entities will often show them selves as these round energy balks known as ghost orbs.

Phantom Ghost Orbs

The “Phantom Sphere” appears as a floating light or sphere of energy that some in the paranormal believe is evidence of the existence of spirits or souls. Orbs of light are usually considered to be manifestations of energy, which is why they are sometimes referred to as ghostly orbs or spiritual orbs. Often a “real” globe emits its own light, even if only a very small amount of light.

More unusually, the spheres also look like streaks of light moving across the screen. You can also see them in nature which is very spiritual and creates a meditative mood so you are more likely to observe the spheres. Some mediums can see inside the sphere or give you a description of who is around you in the spheres.

These spheres of light can have different shapes and colors, and perhaps this is because here in the physical world, we are not all the same. Linda believes that the mysterious spheres of light are all those wonderful spirits that blessed me when they were in physical form. Linda has been collecting these spheres and beings of light in my photographs for 5 or 6 years now. I have also looked at photographs taken by others, and I can always make out the creatures in the spheres, and many of them have faces when they explode.

Linda believes that many of these realms may be the souls of those who want to communicate with their loved ones. If we believe the orb is a soul, a deceased loved one, or an angel, finding the orb in a family photo is a surefire way to determine if we’re being visited on this plane.

Sometimes the ball is not noticed at the time of capture, but is discovered when viewing our photos later. If there is even a little bit of dirt or condensation on the lens, it may look like a sphere in the image. By taking part in one of the Colonial Ghosts Williamsburg Ghost tours, you may end up with a photo full of balloons.

Catching Ghost Orbs on Video

No ghost tour is complete without trying to capture the spheres with our cameras or mobile phones. Many other haunted tours and even visitors will claim that these orbs are manifestations of ghosts, but this is generally not true. In some cases, guests of our ghost tour find only one sphere in their photographs, but at one of the most visited stops on the route, Apres, we often see several.

There are other people who see the spiritual realms around them without the use of cameras. Ghost realms and spirit realms can be seen in places like cemeteries or churches, or during activities like séances or clairvoyance.

As mentioned elsewhere in this section, some ghost hunters believe that the Circles of Light are the spirits of the dead. Although the spheres are often considered spirits, some consider them to be a separate form of energy that we do not yet understand, or a manifestation of native spirits. Spheres are transparent spheres or balls of light energy associated with spirits.

The green sphere is sometimes considered a sign of the existence of the human spirit, rather than the Earth, which has never been in human form. Some people believe that the blue spheres are a sign of calming presence or energy, while others believe they indicate the presence of a guiding spirit in the area. A black sphere might indicate that a place isn’t particularly friendly in terms of energy or spirit, but you have to decipher those spirits or energies before continuing.

Others are open to the possibility that the mysterious orb of light is actually beings of light (ghosts, angels or spiritual guides). Linda believes that these spheres are in my home and that although the physical form is no longer there, the energy of these beautiful creatures is and will always be in my life.

Types of Ghost Orbs

While red and orange can be considered warm and fiery colors, this is not the case at all in the ghost or god realm. While red and orange are often associated with strong emotions like anger and passion, this may not be the case in the ghost world.

Ghost Spheres look like very small spheres that slide across the screen, usually one at a time. They can be viewed through the night vision camera screen or through any available night vision video feed. Skeptics believe that the spheres are just dust particles or the reflection of camera flashes on a drop of water.

The spheres, spirits, and entities within them will also make themselves felt at any special life event, such as a birth or wedding, or any other moment, so you can see the spheres pop up in the most mundane photos or videos. What makes Barb Barton’s photo so special If the orbs really are spirits, angels, or other surrealistic representations of the creatures among us, it would make sense that the history of the battlefield would make this a great place to look for them.

At least two people in recent years have reported seeing more than just spheres floating in and around the second floor corridor of the carpenters’ house. On the night of the Carpenter House paranormal investigation, spheres appeared in photographs taken in front of the old mansion and around the researcher on the front lawn. During a recent tour of the old Fairplay Hospital, the divination rods, EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequency Readers) and IPADs we used indicated that the old mortuary was still busy and full of spirits, as evidenced by the number of orbs we saw. Believers in the spirit world are convinced that the white spheres captured by the camera are proof of spiritual energy.

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