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Spirit Orb Caught on Camera

This is video of a real spirit orb. Orbs can be controversial to some extent. Most orbs can be accounted for as dust, dust particles and other particles floating in the air. In this video we were ghost hunting inside of a haunted church when a real spirit orb came straight up to our camera. we have actually caught multiple orbs inside of this church on on multiple occasions.

A real orb will generally be self illuminating and can choose whichever direction that it wants to travel. As you will see, this orb came up to us and then chose to go back in the direction that it came from.

You will see with your own eyes as it floats straight to the camera. The orb even had a skin tone color to it and it was luminated with its own light source. This spirit orb had its own energy and its own direction. If you love real orbs then you will love this video. If you like ghost and paranormal videos then you can check out our other videos on this blog.

spirit orb caught on camera

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