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Spirit Orb Caught on Camera

Check out my creepy spirit orb caught on camera video. Do you believe in spirit orbs? Spirit orbs are the energy of a deceased person and this is how they show themselves. The spirit manifests into a round ball of light energy. What most people call spirit orbs are just actually dust particles but you can distinguish between a real spirit orb and a dust particle. A real spirit orb caught on camera is a round ball of energy and it will move in its own direction and even change directions at will. Some people call spirit orbs light anomalies because they seem to generate their own light and energy and can move in any direction. There is no debating when a real spirit orb is caught on camera because you really can tell the difference between the orb and dust. When you see a round ball of light energy moving at will and changing direction then you know that you have caught a real spirit orb. In this case we were doing a paranormal investigation inside of a haunted church when we came into contact with a real spirit orb that flew directly toward my face. We also saw it another time as well. Watch the video and let me know what you think about the spirit orb in the comment section below this video.

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