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How to Ghost Hunt the Right Way

So, how do you ghost hunt the right way? It all starts long before the actual ghost hunting takes place. Learn all you can from watching different paranormal shows and videos on Youtube to get a good understanding of how ghost hunting the right way is done. Once you have a decent grasp on how to ghost hunt the right way, you will need to focus on your ghost hunting equipment.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost hunters need to use the right equipment for their investigations. They must also learn how to properly use that equipment. There are many different types of ghost hunting equipment but if you are just starting out and you are learning how to ghost hunt the right way then you only need certain pieces of ghost hunting equipment. This ghost hunting equipment can include a 4K camcorder with night vision and a night vision light attachment. You can order these exact types of camcorders on Amazon. The next piece of ghost hunting equipment you will need is a digital voice recorder. You can also find a wide variety of these on Amazon at decent prices.

The next piece of ghost hunting equipment you will need is a K2 Meter. The K2 meter allows you to detect when spirit energy is around you. Once again you can find these on Amazon or The next piece of ghost hunting equipment is actually an app that you can download to your phone called Necrophonix. This app allows you to communicate with the spirits. You can find this app on the Google Play Store. Now there are other pieces of ghost hunting equipment that you can get but if you are just starting out and you want to learn how to ghost hunt the right way then these are the items of ghost hunting equipment that you will need.

Finding Places That Are Haunted

There are many places to ghost hunt, but some are better than others. It is important to choose a location that has a history of paranormal activity.” Check your local area for some paranormal hotspots or places that people claim are haunted. You can also go online on Google and Facebook to look for haunted places in your area. Another fun place for me is local graveyards and cemeteries. I have had a ton of success at graveyards and cemeteries.

If you don’t mind driving, search for haunted places outside of your living area. The biggest aspect to ghost hunting the right way is to do it right and do it legal. Just do some research online and you will be able to find some places to ghost hunt in your area or right outside of your area. Never trespass onto a property or a building to ghost hunt. One last method is word of mouth. Ask around. Believe it or not there will be a good bit of people who know where haunted locations are for you to ghost hunt.

Getting Started in Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting has been a favorite past time for decades. Despite the excitement, many people are not aware of safety precautions and other aspects that can help them have an enjoyable experience without getting hurt or scaring themselves.

The first step is to make sure that you are prepared for the experience, and have all of your equipment before going out into the field. Some essential items include: a camera, a tape recorder, an EMF meter, and some form of light. You can also bring along other items such as thermometers, dowsing rods or even a K2 meter if you are really serious about ghost hunting.

When you first arrive at the location, it is important to set up your equipment and get a baseline reading on all of your devices. This will give you an idea of what kind of activity is happening in the area.

The first thing you will want to do is walk around and get a feel for the place. It’s important that you don’t go in with any preconceived notions about what you will find. You need to be open minded and ready for anything.

After you have finished walking around, it’s time to start setting up your equipment. Start with the basics and work your way up. The first piece of equipment you should always carry with you is a digital camera. You never know when something will pop up that you want to capture.

The second piece of equipment you should carry with you is a flashlight. You will need the flashlight to help see in dark places and to find your way around if it gets dark while you are investigating.

A camera and a flashlight are the bare minimum of equipment you should carry with you when ghost hunting. You may want to add some other pieces of equipment depending on what type of investigation you are doing.

How to Find a Ghost

Finding a ghost is not hard to do. The real challenge comes in finding the right ghost. The only way to do this right is to find a good documented haunted location. Preferably where people have passed away. But you can also find ghosts at cemeteries and graveyards. Then its just a matter of communication. Let your equipment and your humble approach do the work and you will be amazed at being able to find a ghost or ghosts.

How to Communicate with Ghosts

Communicating with ghosts is not as easy as it sounds. Many people think that all you have to do is ask them a question and they will answer it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

There are many ways to contact spirits. Some people use Ouija boards, some use mediums, others even turn to the dark arts.” Another type of ghosts are poltergeists. “Poltergeists are not to be taken lightly. They can move objects, create strange noises and even attack people.” I personally don’t use Ouija board’s or mediums but that choice is up to the ghost hunter. If your O.K. with it then use them.

Your body can be a great resource for picking up on paranormal activity. The best ways to communicate with the spirits is with your equipment. Let your equipment do the work. You will be amazed at the evidence that you can catch on a night vision camera. It will also amaze you at catching EVPs on a basic digital recorder.

How to Deal with Demons

Demons are the most dangerous of all paranormal creatures. They can possess people, cause great pain and even kill. A demon is not a ghost. A demon is an evil entity that never walked this earth as a human being. Demons come straight from the pits of hell and my advice is to try and not communicate with them.

How to Choose a Ghost Hunting Team

When choosing a ghost hunting team, it is important to find one that has experience and uses the right equipment. You can start your own ghost team or you can investigate the paranormal by yourself. I do most of my paranormal investigations by myself and sometimes I bring one more person along. So I would recommend taking at least one person along with yourself when you go ghost hunting.

How to Tell a Good Paranormal Investigator from a Bad One

There are good paranormal investigators and there are bad ones. The key is to choose the right one to investigate with you. Just because someone is wearing a ghost hunting t-shirt or has some equipment does not mean that they are good. You need to look at their approach to ghost hunting. Are they respectful to the spirits? Are the respectful to other people and the locations? You don’t want someone who is gonna yell or disrespect the spirits while you are ghost hunting. Look for a person who takes a more humble and respectful approach to ghost hunting.


I hope this guide has been helpful and you have learned a lot. Remember, the only way to keep safe is to know what you are dealing with. Just keep in mind that ghosts are the spirits of people who have died. They can be harmless or they can be dangerous. But, Demons are one of the most dangerous types of spirits. They can possess people, cause all sorts of havoc, and even kill.

Ghost hunting the right way is not hard to do. The main aspects are to obtain the right ghost hunting equipment, Find haunted locations and go ghost hunting. Once again, always investigate the paranormal from a humble and respectful manner.

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