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How Does a Person Get Possessed by a Demon

how does a person get possessed by a demon

Demon possession is very real and it happens to real people. Contrary to popular belief, demon possession is not only a demon that inhabits a person’s body and takes possession of his soul. In possession, a person can also be destroyed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the other three stages that demonic spirits can sometimes control that person’s actions. In this study, the illusion of possession will be understood as the distorted perception that one’s own mental processes or actions are controlled by supernatural forces (eg, the devil, spirits, Satan, Lucifer, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary). Research into delusions of possession is limited, and it can be considered a subcategory of religious delusions.

Delusions of possession include the distorted perception that a person’s thought processes or actions are controlled by demons or spirits associated with a local religion. Because jinn are not necessarily evil, they differ from cultural concepts of devil/demon possession. If a person is a true believer, in whom the Spirit of the living God dwells, he can engage in demonism, but demon possession is impossible.

It is a completely different question whether those who undergo exorcism are actually possessed by spirits or demons. It is clear that people who believe they are possessed by a demon can benefit in the short term from an exorcism ritual. Even psychologists who scoff at the idea of ​​demons are likely to admit that some therapy-resistant clients who think they are possessed can be helped to feel better with an exorcism ritual.

Given the widespread belief in the reality of supernatural phenomena such as demonic possession in the United States and around the world, psychologists should have a basic understanding of why so many people believe in possession and engage in exorcism rituals. While most people enjoy horror movies, believing in the literal reality of demons and the effectiveness of exorcisms can have deadly consequences. Of course, you probably don’t believe in the possibility of demonic possession and think that these are Hollywood movies.

You may not even know how to recognize that you are possessed. Nowadays, especially in the developed world, many people think that the possessed are only mentally ill.

Apparently, in the time of Jesus, all mental illness was attributed to demonic possession, and Jesus always used exorcism to treat what we probably think of as mental illness today. Modern Christians who believe in demonic possession as the cause of mental illness and in exorcism as an adequate cure have a clear justification in the text of the New Testament. Official Catholic doctrine maintains that demonic possession can occur separately from mental illness, but emphasizes that cases of mental illness should not be misdiagnosed as demonic influence. Most religions claim that people can be possessed by demonic spirits (the Bible, for example, tells of six cases of exorcisms by Jesus) and offer exorcisms to remove this threat.

Possession and exorcism are mentioned many times in the Qur’an. The New Testament also shows that demons can possess animals, as in the exorcism of the demon Gerasinus. For example, Koch (1972) says he has seen more than 500 cases of demonic activity in people’s lives, and that “the New Testament considers exorcism a legitimate means of helping the possessed” (p. 17) . 250). One longtime exorcist and priest said that while demonic possession is not as common as mental illness, most people are too unconscious and unfamiliar with spiritual reality.

Recognizing the difference between a possessed person and a person struggling with mental illness or other ailment is a vital part of an exorcism ministry, according to a longtime exorcist and priest. Father Cipriano de Meo, an exorcist since 1952, told the Italian Catholic News Agency that the key to understanding whether you are possessed or suffering from some other (possibly mental) illness lies in your reaction to the exorcist himself and the prayers offered. If you are possessed, chances are you will experience a very disturbing reaction to the exorcist’s prayer. While people are often looking for radical answers or signs, the best defense against demonic possession is a simple, sacramental prayer life, said one longtime exorcist and priest.

Prayer for deliverance, blessing the house or body of a man or woman, sacraments and exorcisms are commonly used to exorcise the devil. Unlike genie possession, the whispering of demons affects the soul, not the body. Scripture speaks of a man who was possessed. The demons seem to want to physically destroy the person they possess. The New Testament tells us about some of the signs of demonic possession. Demons can speak through their victims, can demonstrate new abilities, exhibit different personalities, and exhibit suicidal tendencies. A person can get possessed by a demon from many factors.

In ancient times, Jewish and Christian writers believed that demons pretend to be gods who inhabit people. Spiritualism, a religion that flourished across America in the 1800s and is still practiced in some places, teaches that death is an illusion and that spirits can possess people. Spirit possession is an unusual or altered state of consciousness and associated behavior, allegedly caused by the control of the human body by spirits, ghosts, demons, or deities.

In the 19th century, mental disorders in which patients believed they were possessed by demons or evil spirits were known as demoniacs or cacodemonomanis. Possession, in which Satan or demons completely take over a person’s body without his consent. There is no typical exorcism because they are all different. This research shows how exorcism seekers diagnosed with schizophrenia differ from others who attend religious services because they believe they are possessed but meet the criteria for personality disorder and dissociative disorder.

The Exorcist also suggested using liberation rituals to purge Greg of demons and evil spirits. Dr. Richard Gallagher was familiar with the biblical stories of demon possession, but he thought they were an attempt by ancient cultures to deal with mental disorders such as epilepsy.

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