Full Body Apparition Caught in a Cemetery – American Paranormal Group

Full Body Apparition Caught in a Cemetery

check out this scary full body apparition caught in a cemetery – creepy cemetery (full body apparition caught on camera) video – in this video there is what appears to be a full body apparition that is captured on camera walking through a cemetery. Do you believe in ghosts or the paranormal? Well you just might believe after seeing this video. These photos and videos were taken in ultraviolet night vision, which looks like a purple haze on night vision. You can clearly see the full body apparition of a man caught on camera as he is walking out of the cemetery. The other photo shows another full body apparition caught on camera standing amongst other members of the ghost hunting-paranormal investigation team in the cemetery. These ghost apparitions that were caught in the cemetery are not one of their group members and these photos have been certified by experts and found to be genuine and authentic.

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